One simple motion, Daily Used By A 93 Years Old Farmer Helps Seniors Stop feeling Frustrated with Back Pain and Belly Fat  

This Healing Motion that any suffering senior can do, left speechless Modern Physicians when seeing proven results:  

  • Relieves back and joint pain,  
  • Burns dangerous belly fat,  
  • Restores balance and ...  
  • Helps seniors prevent injuries and painful recovery...  

Hi there! 

You’ve been suffering for a long time and you are still trying to find a way to feel better. 

The fact is that all you’ve tried to get rid of pain, turning to physicians, chiropractors, modern trainers, simply doesn’t work for a long time and makes you feel lonely and hopeless.  

That’s because they can’t imagine the real root of your back pain. This affects both men and women over 50.  

You’ll be speechless when I tell you what this is.  

The Root of your pain is that your Joints are much older than the rest of your body. Especially the Low back Joints which connect the upper part with the lower part of your body. Recent study shows that most seniors’ joints are 12 years older than their age... and it's because in our modern time we don’t move our Joints and muscles enough.  

But this is only one problem…  

When you’re over 50, you need to face an even Bigger Danger that makes your back pain worse. This makes you lose balance and get injured.  

And this Bigger Danger is the well known “Belly Fat”. The “Belly Fat” is bending your spine, causing an unnatural curve in your low back called: The Swayback. This is the most common source of lower back pain. A Sticking out Belly indicates a high level of Belly Fat.  

The Belly Fat surrounds your vital organs: Liver, Heart, Pancreas... And it also damages the low back area, pulling the spine inside your body.  

This dangerous fat deforms your spine little by little, moving the gravity center of your body forward. The spine disks move from their natural place causing you tension, strain and pain in your low back.  

This is why you end-up in sciatic pain crises... The low back vertebras of your spine are slipping forward, leading to pinched nerves and damaged spinal cord.  

To make things worse, once the gravity center of your body is moved, you lose your balance control and you can fall and get injured.  

Falls are the leading cause of both nonfatal and deadly injuries in adults aged 60 and older…  

So if you avoid a premature death, you’ll go through a long and dreadful recovery process.  

The good news is there’s one natural way: to relieve back pain, Burn Belly Fat and restore your balance control.  

This Simple way, of relieving pain, is to wake up the most important muscles in your body, “The Survival Muscles Team”.  

I will tell you in a minute about this Super Team and how it can make your pain go away, but first let me introduce myself:  

My name is George Davidson and I’m a strong believer in the Traditional way of healing through motions. I’ve spent the last 32 years of my life finding effective motions for back pain relief.  

I’m the cofounder of Back Pain Remedies for Seniors Institute, which is specialised in finding the most effective ways for getting rid of back and joint pain, without pills and side effects.  

I’ll tell you about “the 10 minutes daily routine” that will reactivate your “Survival Muscles Team” and will help you have a pain-free life.  

But first, let me explain just how serious the problem is.  

We’re not talking about just a bit of soreness…

This is all about: 

  • Dreadful back pain which keeps you prisoner in bed for days, 
  • Excruciating sciatic pain that keeps you awake at night, 
  • Tight hips, and spasming muscles.  

The pain makes you feel miserable and grumpy. Your bad mood keeps your friends and dear ones away, making you feel lonely and useless. This might be the worst nightmare of your life.  

Don’t worry because you’re not alone!!! These pain crisis concern most American people over 50.  

You might be surprised to find out there’s one natural way which uses the power within your body to relieve pain in minutes…and even more, it burns belly fat while restoring your spine it doesn’t just solve the pain but also the root of the pain crisis…you will be ready to live a long and happy life.  

Now, I’ll let you in the secret to healing naturally. This is the most important muscles team of our bodies “The Survival Muscles Team”.  

You might have heard of them but you never knew it’s crucial to train them together.  

The “The Survival Muscles Team” is located in the pelvic region… These muscles have multiple jobs… The Team is responsible for sustaining the spine in a good posture, keeping the balance and strengthening the core of our bodies…  

The first member of this “Survival Muscles Team” is Transverse’s the deepest abdominal muscle, lying below the belly button and functioning like a “Shield”.  

A deep curve in your low back (a big Swayback) shows that your “Shield” is not activated. When this “Shield Muscle” is activated the waist narrows slightly and the lower abdomen flattens, fixing your Swayback.  

This Shield keeps the joints of the low back area in the natural posture. It’s also critical for low back and pelvis stabilization before movement.  

Working together with the Shield Muscle, to support the low back is the Iliopsoas Muscle. It’s a long, cigar-shaped muscle, located deep inside your body.  

You can think of it as a “Rope” made of 2 parts: one is PSOAS major muscle which is attached to the vertebras of the lower spine and continues through the pelvis when it meets the second part, the ILIAC muscle.  

The “Rope Muscle” is the only muscle connecting the upper body to the lower body. A sticking out belly indicates tight “Rope Muscle”. When this Rope Muscle is functional, it supports the lower spine and abdomen, loosen your hips, restores your balance and straightens your core.  

The final player of this “Survival Muscles Team” is the Gluteus Maximus. It’s well known as “ The Glute”. This muscle is not only one of the strongest muscles in the body, but also the largest…  

There’s one on the left and one on the right side of our body…and you might have heard of them as ”The Glutes” or “The Buttocks”.  

Tight hips indicate that your “Glutes” are asleep. The Glutes main function is the hip extension we perform when walking or standing. The “Glutes” work to maintain a good posture... When activated, they support the spine posture…and are capable of giving you great mobility and core strength.  

When The Survival Muscles Team is working well your body has the power to: 

  • Relieve pain without medication and without side effects, 
  • Burn Dangerous Belly Fat and improve your medical conditions, 
  • Restore your balance, avoid injuries and dreadful recovery.  

You will feel stronger and have more energy than ever.  

Simply put, these muscles are vital for your body’s well-being. When they are asleep, your body’s in trouble and there’s one cause, in particular, that’s the worst nightmare of your Survival Muscles Team. This cause keeps you in pain, makes you fatter and hopeless.  

It might seem the most comfortable thing known to mankind, but in fact, it’s the biggest threat to human health...  

And The Cause is Our Modern Lifestyle.  

Even if you’ve paid more attention to your health lately, you’re still suffering from the way you’ve programmed your muscles during your entire life…  

The most common bad habits, which weakens your body every day, are new to humans. These were unknown to mankind up to 150 years ago….  

This is the reason why our forefathers didn’t have the same health issues as we do now: back pain, tight hips, belly fat…  

Most of our forefathers were living in small farms and were following good habits in a natural way. For them, good habits were a daily routine. I will tell you right away “The Old Farmer’s Healthy Habits” we lost through history… but now let us see what are the bad habits of our modern times:  

1. Sitting too much...on a chair, in a car, in front of the tv… This daily routine makes you weaker and fatter day by day..  

We are gripped and molded by our modern activities.... Pain and obesity are becoming an epidemic in the US nowadays, affecting 35% of the American adult population…  

While in the 1960s we had the highest life expectancy rate among developed countries, now we have the lowest rate and it’s getting worse every year.  

2. Taking too many pills is another deadly habit… Most Americans over 50 take pills for Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Joint Pain and at the end of the day you end up taking a fist full of pills.  

Taking too many pills causes family dramas in our society. About 23 thousands people die each year in the United States from prescription opioid overdoses.  

The medication you take treats only the effects, ignoring the cause of your pain. Taking pills for longtime creates addiction and comes together with a lot of side effects: tiredness, sweating and sleep disorders.  

Because the root of the pain remains unsolved, you end up taking more and more pills, creating a snowball effect, piling up other problems than the initial one, spending more money on pills and makes you feel frustrated and hopeless. What doctors overlook is your body’s self-healing potential.  

Other ways that don’t work for longtime are chiropractic and massage.  

These use a mechanical force outside your body and can harm you…can destroy your joints and make your medical condition worse.  

Let’s not forget that the real problem is deep inside your body…and trying to solve it with an outside mechanical force is mission impossible… Plus, spending money on repetitive sessions will lower your budget and this is a real money pit if you are living on a fixed income.  

If you are here, you’ve probably heard about a bunch of Useless Modern Programs, which offer you motions that you really can’t do and make you feel Frustrated and Hopeless...  

You can feel pain and tension in joints and muscles lose your balance, and run out of breath when doing these Programs…  

Don’t worry! It’s not your fault! These programs are not adapted for your age and medical condition.  

Don’t get used to living in pain! Your body was not made for suffering!  

There is One Natural Way to unlock your own body’s healing power and kill the pain...and I’ll show you how in a moment… But first...let me tell you why this really works...  

While Unrealistic Modern Programs failed you and are gathering dust somewhere on a bookshelf, Our PainKiller method is easy to do.  

You’ll enjoy doing it every time.  

Modern Programs are focusing on hard motions... In that process, you feel more pain and tension. So, instead of relieving pain, these programs fail you miserably.  

Our Painkiller Method is training the really important muscles in our bodies… The Survival Muscles Team. The muscles work together like a Great Team. All the players The Shield, The Rope and The Glutes muscles are big and important muscles! When you activate The Survival Muscles Team you also warm up the secondary muscles near it. This is called Secondary Muscles Activation.  

For example...the little Piriformis Muscle is right near the Glutes and Rope Muscles. When tight, it causes Piriformis Syndrome which gives you pain similar to Sciatica.  

So, when reactivating The Rope and Glutes these will touch basis with the Piriformis Muscle. By doing this you are also warming up all the joints from your low back (SI area) and killing pain in minutes.  

The Hamstring Muscle is in charge of loosening the Hips and taking care of the knees. It starts right where the Glutes end. When training The Glutes you will also turn on The Hamstring Muscle. While doing so, you will Loosen Your Hips Faster and getting rid of pain.  

The Lower Abdomen has the role of burning the ugly fat which hangs over your belt. It’s above the Shield Muscle and directly connected to it.  

So, you’ll burn dangerous belly fat when you activate your Shield. The point is that when you work for this Survival Muscles Team you pass positive energy to all the neighbor Muscles.  

And the results are amazing…  

  • You’re killing the pain and getting long time results, 
  • You’re restoring your Balance, preventing falls and injuries, 
  • You’re improving your spinal posture,  
  • Getting rid of swayback and forward head posture.  

To tell you more about how our natural healing method works, please meet “The Specialist” behind it. He is a leading joint and injury specialist. His name is John Nelson.  

I first met John 32 years ago when he helped my father with his excruciating sciatica pain. At that time, John was in his early 60's and helped many seniors to solve their problems with joint pains.  

John was well known for his traditional American method. Many veterans and retired athletes who served the American flag chose him to cure their pain.  

He has admired thanks to the efficiency of his pain killer method and the simplicity of the movements, and many called him “The Veterans’ Hiller”. John’s method was known as The Farmer’s Method for treating back and joint pain.  

The motions were inspired by the daily routine of our Grandfathers. You know...150 years ago most Americans lived in small Farms spread throughout the country.  

Our Farmer Forefathers didn’t face the joint pain we are facing in our days. This was due to the motions they did daily, without even thinking about them…just by following their Survival Instinct.  

Back then, my father went through every available option for solving his suffering… Me and my Mom, Jane, made desperate efforts trying to get him out of his misery...and it wasn’t easy at all since my father had serious side effects after taking pills for so long.  

My Dad became grumpy and lonely...wasn’t open to any other solution and it was like he didn’t want to live anymore.  

My Dad’s blessing was that Mom was by his side…a devoted wife who never gives up. She prayed and searched for solutions. When she thought there was nothing more to do, she found out about John’s method.  

The Old Farmer’s Method was the answer to our prayers. We first heard about John from Mary, my mom’s church friend. Mary got rid of pain and pills after following John’s method.  

I was eager to see if this could help my father too. In a few days after following the motions taught by John, my father got rid of his sciatic pain. He carried on with the motions and step by step he improved his spine posture, which was the root of his agony.  

I was stunned to see how things worked out so fast since my father had spent years and money on pills without any result. It worked so well because one simple exercise can Strengthen your Survival Muscles and Warm Up the joints at the same time…  

So faster results with easy motions, no pain and no injury risks. I was dying to find out more so I decided to be John’s apprentice.  

John is a kind soul and liked by everybody. He grew up on a farm, in a God loving family. He learned from his grandparents the real American traditions…and The Old Farmer’s Motions were part of his legacy.  

He wanted to help many more people, but at that time he was too busy. Suffering men and women were waiting in line for weeks to see him.  

John’s desire to help as many people as possible was the chance of my lifetime! That’s why I got to work with him and learn the secrets behind The Old Farmer’s Motions.  

Digging deeper into John’s Method you’ll discover: 

  • How to breathe properly;
  • Breathing the right way…is crucial while exercising;  
  • Keeping a good posture when doing the motions. 

You’ll master this technique and feel the energy running through your body. Your lungs fill with fresh air which oxygenates your blood and brain.  

It gives you the best mood you’ve ever had. Breathe the right way and your body will fire up its regenerative cells, making you feel young again. You’ll be more confident and stronger than ever!!!  

Keeping a good posture while doing the exercises is a must. This helps you take advantage of the entire benefits of the exercises. You’ll be amazed at how fast you are improving the posture of your spine. You’ll be pain-free for the long term!!!  

I’ve seen with my own eyes, the power of John’s method on thousands of people for more than 32 years. That’s why I asked John to share with you his Old Painkilling Way, which eases your back pain and loosens your hips.  

At first, John said NO to me. He’s 93 now, retired and reluctant to share his method through the internet but...when I told him that this is how we can lend a hand to thousands of suffering Americans. He remembered his mission: helping as many people as possible.  

After waiting for 7 days, he finally said YES to me…  

And this is how we gave life to our program… The Old Farmer’s Motions The Easiest Way to Kill Back Pain, Loosen Hips and Burn Belly Fat.  

Digital Product. The images are for visualization only.

Our Program contains 12 Videos with doable exercises, well explained and demonstrated. You will get step by step audio and written instructions for each motion. This makes the Program so easy to follow… You will feel confident and You will be able to do any motion. Plus... The Old Farmer’s Motions Booklet, with detailed pictures and written explanations of all the exercises presented in the video.  

This is a quick fix if sometimes you don’t have the time to watch the videos. You’ll get all of this in a Booklet which you can save right now and begin the program right away. We’ve pulled together the most effective exercises, designed for people over 50. Our main focus is for everybody to be able to do The Old Farmer’s Motions. The program has a set of exercises, for both men and women, easy to do: - in your bed, if you can’t lie on the floor; - sitting on a chair; - supported by a door or by a wall for those who can’t control their balance; You can do the motions wherever you are: in your home, backyard, on vacation, visiting your family…you don’t need a gym or special gear. For each exercise, you will have step by step guidance with simple words which show you the right posture and how to breathe the right way. The Old Farmer’s Motions will become a daily routine for you in no time. WARNING! This is not for everyone! You need to invest 5 to 10 minutes each day for doing this and get the results. Also, this Program is not for those who believe in taking a Magic Pill and think their problems will go away without lifting a finger. This is their choice! John’s method proved results for 32 years. Take a look at how this can help you too! - Relieving chronic low back pain which is making you suffer for a long time, - Getting rid of pain crisis after being injured, - Restoring balance and preventing injuries, - Getting rid of belly fat, - Speeding the recovery after surgery, - Postponing surgery and taking one more shot before deciding to go under the knife ..and all of this without pain, medication or steroids shots. Having these benefits in mind, we created The Old Farmer’s Motions. The Old Farmer’s Motions will bring the spirit of healing and joy in your life! This is the answer to your prayers! Now, I think John and I have done our part… All you need to do is answer this question: How much would you pay to kill Pain, Get Back in Shape and live a Happy Life Again? We’ve asked people after they’ve tried this Program…and they told us they are happy to pay $250…since they’ve already paid thousands of dollars in the last year with no results, trying to relieve their joint problems through medication, chiropractors, and massage… The Old Farmer’s Motions is custom made for seniors and overweight people so this is a real Gem on the market. Other programs offer only general exercises, overlooking the seniors and overweight people's special needs.  

After we did our Math...John and I decided that our first goal should remain the initial one… Our Mission is to help as many people as possible and to make our Program affordable for everyone...even for people living on a fixed income. We only want to cover the money we invested in creating and promoting this program. So we came up with a price for any pocket. We invested our own personal money to create this program. But, our small budget doesn’t allow us to promote it as long as we want. We are competing against BIG marketers and we can’t afford to keep this program up for a long time. So, while this video is still up, you can get The Old Farmer’s Motions, for just $27. The only way to get it is to click the "Add to Cart" button below now!

Digital Product. The images are for visualization only.

To make things even better for you, I asked John to share with me all his written notes on the healthy foods and meals passed to him from generation to generation.  

This is how we created “The Old Farmer’s Meals”, our first gift to you. In this book you will find out: The Checklist with Foods which worsen the problems of your joints and you should stop eating. You’ll know how to pick the right food for pain relief and which are The Foods that makes you Frustrated with Belly Fat.  

Digital Product. The images are for visualization only.

The Essential Eating Habits for being fit, having high energy for long periods of time. You’ll discover how to build a strong Immunity System which will protect you against any common disease and make you feel better than ever. Plus, a second gift for you… To help you restore your spine posture faster, we created The Good Posture Habits a complete checklist with good postures that you will enjoy practicing.  

You will find out what you’re doing wrong when sitting and how to keep a good posture to solve your Forward Head Posture. One mistake that you do when standing, and how you should stand correctly to avoid hips and knees damages.  

Digital Product. The images are for visualization only.

Three bad habits that you have when driving the car, and how to correctly keep your hands on the wheel and your soles on the pedals.  

You will know the good posture for better sleep and wake up pain free and happy, without having back pain, stiff neck or frozen shoulders.  

What you should do when lifting something to avoid back injury and how you should lie down.  

The Good Posture Habits will help you get faster results, feel more confident and stronger than ever.  

The habits will come naturally to you…these are buried deep inside your genes. You just need to do them once to bring them back into your life.  

I could charge you 64$ only for the bonuses…The Old Farmer’s Meals and The Good Posture Habits...but by doing this, I won’t be able to help people on a tight budget who can’t afford it. I said these 2 are my gifts to you and I stand by my promise. So, when you get The Old Farmer’s Motions, you will also get both of these exclusive bonuses...FOR FREE... While this video is still up, you can get The Old Farmer’s Motions, plus the bonuses, The Old Farmer’s Meals and The Good Posture Habits, for a one-time special offer of just $27, instead of $37, the initial price, and save $10 right now. The only way to get it is to click the "Add to Cart" button below now! 

Digital Product. The images are for visualization only.

It’s time to take back control of your life and Stop feeling Miserable with back pain, thinking that nothing works for you ... It’s all up to you… So Click the "Add to Cart" button below now!  

I know how effective this program is and I will give you a 100% Risk-Free 60 Day Money back guarantee. I’m confident with the results, that's why I'm willing to take all the risk on this one. I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll see the results. If for any reason at all you want to get your money back, you’ll get it within 24 hours from the moment you send me the request. You don't even have to answer any questions. Simply send me a quick email in the next 60 days and ask for a refund. That's right: You have TWO MONTHS to test The Program and the bonuses. The only way to get The Old Farmer’s Motions is to click the "Add to Cart" button below now.  

The way I see it, you have three options here: You keep doing the same you’ve been doing for years...spending time and money on medications, feeling frustrated and hopeless and in even more pain. You can try to follow Useless Programs...that cause you pain and tension, loss of Balance and make you run out of breath when trying them. Or you can get Your Program, The Old Farmer’s Motions, right now and you will enjoy being pain free in minutes… I've already done the hard part… I chose for you the easiest exercises that anyone can do, no matter how old or how bad your medical condition is… And now, take a deep breath, and imagine… how great your life could be without pain! How many things you could do with your family and friends! Take back control of your life and enjoy the healing spirit which this program will bring you! You won't find this anywhere else, and there's no way to tell how much longer this presentation is going to be up, so click the "Add to Cart" button below to secure your copy now.

Digital Product. The images are for visualization only.

Are you ready to get rid of pain right now?  

See what the people who tried the program replied: Mary, 60: I had back sciatic nerve pain for the longest time. Turned down surgery and also went through every available option.  

It would have saved me a ton of money and 10 years if someone would have told me to buy this Program. So I did. No more problems. None! Yes! It was serious enough to schedule a hip replacement. The system wants to cut you and dig in. Research!!!!!!  

George, 64: Great progressive program for hips. abs, butt. Only 10-minute workouts each day, but they are specifically targeted to crucial muscle groups.  

Worked better than lots of physical therapy. I postponed my back surgery because it’s working so well.  

I've just received these emails, and made my day!  

So, Here is my Last Deal for you: You'll get The Old Farmer’s Motions, plus 2 bonuses, "The Old Farmer’s Meals" and "The Posture Good Habits", while you'll also take advantage of my full "2 months money back guarantee" and of my One Time Special Offer which saves you $10 and all these for only $27. The only way to get The Old Farmer’s Motions is to click the "Add to Cart" button below now. 

You are the only one who can change something in your life! It’s only up to you! Thank you for reading this presentation and I hope we'll meet on my secure, encrypted checkout page. Once you've entered your info and submitted that, you'll have immediate access to The Program and the bonuses. Click on the button below and secure your spot while this presentation is still up. 

Still thinking about your order? Let me answer a few common questions about the The Old Farmer Motions Program.  

What issues does this Program solve? 

This Program helps you solve problems such as: 

  • Sciatica pain, Piriformis syndrome,  
  • Tight Hips, SI Joint Issues,  
  • Knee pain,  
  • Neck and Shoulder problems… 
  • Loss of Balance control 
  • Overweigh.  

Why Is The Old Farmer’s Motions the key? It works so well because you can: 1) stretch your muscles, 2) warm up your joints and 3) strengthen the Survival muscle Team at the same time, with easy motions and no injury risks.  

I am a senior... Can I follow this program? For sure…This Program is easy to follow and has well-demonstrated exercises especially created for seniors. You will become self-reliant, you will improve your sleep quality and dive back into old hobbies.  

I am overweight ...Does this program still work? Yes, you can do every exercise from this program regardless of your weight...even more... This program will help you lose dangerous belly fat which makes your spine posture worse and affects your entire health. You will enjoy doing them, feel peace in your mind and happiness in your soul.  

I want to Restore my Balance… We’ve adapted exercises and you can do them without losing your balance… You just need chair support. For each exercise, I will guide you on how to keep the best posture… Plus you will have special exercises for restoring your balance.  

I need tips for Breathing... Breathing in the right way is the first rule of this program…so you will receive tips to get into a breathing rhythm… You will fill your lungs with oxygen and you’ll have more energy than ever…  

I have Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis … No matter how bad your medical condition is you can follow this program… We know that most seniors have such problems and we thought about them when we chose the exercises for this program.  

Recovery after a surgery People that are following our program experienced a shorter recovery period after back surgery, hip or knee replacement… You can follow this program in addition to your recovery program but ask your physician first. He knows your personal medical condition...  

Preparing for surgery... If yes, this can be your last shot before going under the knife…and follow a long recovery process. I know people that turned down surgery or postponed it...But don’t take this for granted...try and see if this applies to you.  

Do I need to lie down on the floor? No way...You don’t need to use the floor to do this program… We know how hard and painful it is for you to get down on the floor.  

How long will it take to do my daily routine? 5 to 10 minutes. That’s all. You will save your time and money on appointments.  

Do I need special gear or a Gym for doing it? We know that it’s important to follow this program everywhere so you can enjoy your bed, in a chair, on vacation, while visiting your friends... All you need is a chair, a wall, a door or a couch...  

What if the routine doesn’t work for me? You will have direct email access to me and I can guide you through what you need to do to get better results…or you can use the Program - 60 days Guaranty and you’ll get a full refund… No questions asked.  

Is this a One Time Payment Program? 100% Yes....we don’t charge you for membership fees or other repetitive costs…  

What software do I need to access the file? The Program is a Video mp4 File and can be opened with any usual Video Player. The bonuses are PDF Files and can be opened with a PDF reader.  

Can I start these programs right now? Yes, you don’t have to wait. You can have access to the digital format of our Program, The Old Farmer’s Motions, in seconds after you hit the Add to Cart button. That means no worries about when you’ll be receiving the product or shipping fees.  

The only way to get The Old Farmer’s Motions is to click the "Add to Cart" button below now.  

Thank you for reading this presentation, and I hope we'll meet on my secure, encrypted checkout page.  

Once you've entered your info and submitted that, you'll have immediate access to The Program and the bonuses.  

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